UnilandChile is a company born in 2014 in the city of Concepcion Chile.
Our work is focused on different areas of Overlanding and extreme tourist trips. In UnilandChile we know the tourism potential of the country, but not conventional tourism.
Guidance travels, routes and destinations we offer are aimed at those unfamiliar places, remote locations, difficult to access and where nature is the main component.



Adventure Packages:
UnilandChile offer tour packages. Enjoy several days, all inclusive, in amazing places surrounded by nature.

Build your Trip in Chile:
Tell us the trip you want to make, and we plan it.

Day Trips:
Enjoy a relaxing day, 4×4 trip, trekking, photography and nature throught the attractive places of Concepción.

Rent for People:
We rent our Unimogs with driver and all the necessary (table, chairs, barbecue, kayak) to spend a nice day with your family and friends where you want.

Recreational Activity Company:
UnilandChile has fully equipped vehicles for any recreational activity of your company. (Coaching, day trips, etc.)



In UnilandChile workshops we have a team of vast experience in restoring and recovering vehicles in poor condition.

Mechanical Service:
In UnilandChile we have the specialists required with 30 years experience in mechanical service for your vehicle.

Driver SOS:
UnilandChile has trusted driver to drive your vehicle to the destination you choose.

We offer training for proper use and care of Unimog.


Buy and Sell:
In UnilandChile we can sell you the Unimog of your dreams. We also purchase Unimog to restore them.

Spares and Accesories:
In UnilandChile you can get spares and accessories for any Unimog

Parking and Safety:
UnilandChile has the necessary space for large vehicles. We also offer carwash service, battery charging and maintenance in general.

Rent for Companies:
UnilandChile offer transport for people or load through any route nationwide.


Kayak for rent:
We have 3 Kayak sit on top singles with life jacket and rowing for rent.


Patagonia – Carretera Austral North


15 days – 14 nights

Puerto Montt, Hornopirén, Chaitén, Futaleufú, Rosselot Lake, Pto. R.M. Balmaceda, Queulat National Park, Pto. Aysén, Coyhaique, Balmaceda.

Unimog 1300L and Nissan Navara

Mín. 8 pax / Max. 10 pax

USD 2.750

Patagonia – Carretera Austral South


15 days – 14 nights

Balmaceda, Cerro Castillo, Pto. Río Tranquilo, General Carrera Lake, Glaciar Exploradores, Puerto Bertrand, Parque Patagonia, Cochrane, Tortel, Pto. Yungay, Villa O`higgins, Maitén Norte Estate, Pto. Guadal, Chile Chico, Pto. I. Ibáñez.

Unimog 1300L and Nissan Navara

Mín. 8 pax / Max. 10 pax

USD 2.750

Conguillío National Park


5 days – 4 nights

Curacautín, Llaima volcano, Captrén lagoon, Conguillío lake, Sierra Nevada, Hermosa beach, Arcoiris lagoon, Truful Truful natural waterfall.

Unimog 416 or  Unimog 1300L and Nissan Navara

Mín. 8 pax / Max. 14 pax

USD 950

Nahuelbuta National Park


5 days – 4 nights

Concepción, Yani sand dunes, Lebu, Nahuelbuta National Park.

Unimog 416 or  Unimog 1300L and Nissan Navara

Mín. 8 pax / Max. 14 pax

USD 940

Ralco Reserve – Altos del BíoBío


4 days – 3 nights

Concepción, Santa Bárbara, Ralco Lepoy, La Mula lagoon.

Unimog 416 or  Unimog 1300L and Nissan Navara

Mín. 8 pax / Max. 14 pax

USD 805

Build Your Own Trip


— Days and nights you want

— The destination you choose in Chile

— Unimog 416 or Unimog 1300L

— Max 13 Passengers

Contact: contacto@unilandchile.com


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Ralco Reserve - Altos del Bío Bío



Yani Dunes

Nahuelbuta National Park

Patagonia - Carretera Austral North

Patagonia - Carretera Austral South

Corral - Reserva Costera Valdiviana